Personalise your wedding with the perfect theme

It is one of the biggest and most memorable days of your life and one that is truly unique to you and your partner. Planning a wedding can be a time-consuming process but it can also be a lot of fun as you let your creativity run wild. To give you some inspiration and get you started, here are some great themes you could use to personalise your wedding.

Fairy tale

Why shouldn’t you feel like a princess on your big day? Planning that big fairy tale wedding can be as extravagant as you like. From that perfect ballgown or princess style dress to something as fancy as a horse drawn carriage and perfect lit garden areas or woods, the only limit here is your imagination.

Garden weddings work really well with this theme: think plenty of flowers, wooden seating and plenty of candles or lanterns.

Black and White

An elegant and classy choice, black and white never goes out of fashion and is a great choice for those looking for a simple theme to implement. This theme can be as in-depth as you like, whether you are simply choosing black or white dresses, flowers or table pieces, to covering every element down to the limo or hummer you choose.

To add a little pizazz, choose to accentuate certain areas with a third pop of colour and use that as often or sparingly as you like.

Winter Wonderland

Winter weddings not only look absolutely stunning; they are also a great idea for couples that are looking to save a little bit of money. As winter is usually the off-peak season, with most weddings happening in spring or summer, you can still have that dream wedding you pictured without the exorbitant cost.

Winter weddings are perfect for those rich, dark colours like deep red, hearty food and delicious warm beverages. In terms of clothing, add a cosy wrap, sweater, cape etc. Boots are a must if you are planning of being in snow. For the venue, candles are a great addition as well as ample amounts of hot drinks and comfort food.

Insert colour here

Love beautiful bursts of colour? Choose your favourite and make that your theme. Give your guests an idea of what the theme is by creating your invitation in your chosen colour/s. Choosing a colour helps you to make more plans for your day such as choosing table settings, bridesmaid dresses, flower choices and more.