When Should You Hire a Stretched Hummer?

A stretched hummer limousine is an alternative vehicle to a classical limousine. They are larger and offer more space and a different style. They can be used for many of the same events as a normal limousine, and are usually similarly priced. If you are a lover of 4wd cars or of trophy trucks and hummers, then a stretched hummer could provide the perfect ride for your next special occasion. Any of the following occasions call for a special ride, and this list is by no means exhaustive!

A Bachelor Party:

Limousines are traditionally hired for bachelor parties, as they provide a touch of class and style which many people don’t often experience. However, you may choose to go one step further and hire a fancy limousine: if you do, then look for a stretched hummer! They offer space and style, a lot of headroom, and usually are able to cater for any of your needs. Alcohol is usually supplied (a must for any bucks party!), and you should find your chauffeur friendly and happy to oblige to your wishes. Even better still – a stretched hummer is a tough and manly option for your bachelor party!

A Wedding:

Most weddings feature a limousine at some stage in the proceedings. They may deliver the bride and groom to the ceremony, transport them between important locations, or may simply provide a way to get home after the day’s celebrations are completed. Whatever the desired use, consider using a stretched hummer limousine for all your wedding transport needs!

A Hens Night:

For those who don’t know, a hens night is the female equivalent of a bucks party. They are (generally) a little calmer and more stylish than their male equivalent, and call for a flash ride. A stretched hummer limousine will add a country touch to your next hens night, and is perfect for anyone who likes to veer from the traditional way of doing things.

The Birthday Of Someone Close To You:

What better way to celebrate a good friend or family member’s birthday than to hire a fancy limousine for them? And what better limousine to hire than a stretched hummer limousine? Show your friends and family how much they mean to you by hiring a stretched hummer to get them around on their special day. They will be sure to appreciate it, and who knows, they may even repay the favour at a later date!